Interludes, between audio…

Coastal debris, suspended, rotating, spot-lit in darkness. Debris collected from the coast, manifests itself within all aspects of my practice. Used as a direct link to the particular coastal ‘space’ that I am deeply connected with. Living close to the coastline, I am fortunate to experience it on a daily basis; it’s central to my well-being and is the driving force behind my artistic practise.

Whilst working with the material; duplicating it (photograms), collaging, constructing and projecting: I have realised that these activities draw heavily on my ‘heritage’. Working with fishing line to suspend objects and substrates; to projecting the monofilament itself. Activities such as making and repairing fishing nets, constructing lobster pots; installing and retrieving them; was a way of life. These occupations and skills have almost been forgotten within my generation. Perhaps on a sub-conscious level I am trying to hold on to these traditions as a means to inform, validate and strengthen my creative output…

Graham Patterson

August 2015



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